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Can I just live in bikinis forever?


airi shimizu

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I love the way my body looks in this

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I’m going on a mini rant about my short comings with trusting people

So I made all those lovey posts about ‘daddy’ a few months ago and then one about how he’s a fuck wad… Well I have even more evidence of this.. I now have to face two of my biggest fears alone because if him… And he can’t even say sorry

I didn’t even want to tell him about it but it wouldn’t have been ethical not too… Still if the rolls were reversed and I caused him this than I instantly would’ve apologized

My ability to fall for people who care nothing about me is unbelievable, I’m actually a little dumbfounded by it because you fall for someone, they claim to feel the same, everything is so blissful, and then suddenly it changes in an instant and it’s like I never mattered it’s like they never cared for me back. I don’t understand that one bit, how can you claim to love some one to care for someone and then just like that you don’t care at all… I don’t think it works that way I think for someone to care so little so sudden means they never cared to begin with




This is the best gif you’ll ever see

Motherfucking animals.

Is that a raccoon?  Hahahahaha


Xanny is trying to eat my lingerie and I’m thinking about getting back to cam today 😁